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Free Check-up

We appreciate that in the current financial climate, we are all looking at ways in which to save money, however you simply cannot afford to put a price on safety!

We are hoping to ease your concerns by offering you all the checks you require, to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and safe this winter and the best part is its ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Put all your worries to rest simply by calling us on 01803 866668 to arrange your check-up and we will carry out the checks below:

  • Battery - condition & alternator charge rate
  • Tyres - pressures, depths, treads and condition
  • Oil and water levels - oil, water and anti-freeze levels
  • Lights - bulb check
  • Windscreen - washers and wipers
  • Brakes - pads, discs and wheel bearings (visual check)
  • Suspension - steering

A technician will be available to talk through any concerns you may have and advise you further.

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